The Cornerstone of Marketing

Is It March Madness or Marketing Madness?

If you are a sports fan, particularly a basketball fan, then you are excited for March and the madness to ensue. It’s an exciting time for the high schools and colleges to whittle down to the best high school/college teams in their respective states and then the best college team in the Nation, which will be held right here in Phoenix Arizona.

Don’t Get Sweet Talked

Wow! We are already through the first month of 2017. Time just does not slow down does it? If you are reading this you know that February 14th is quickly approaching us…Valentine’s Day. What does that have to do with a Marketing Blog you ask? Well, Valentine’s Day is a huge marketing “holiday,” especially for Hallmark, candy makers and florists.

Image Isn’t Everything…or is it?

It is if you own a business. Nike, Coca Cola, Starbucks, Mc Donald’s, Target, Ford, all have a particular image and have built a lasting Brand. So much so that just saying their tag line (i.e. Just Do It!, Expect More, Payless, Built Ford Tough etc.) you instantly know what product or company it is. Even their logos are instantly recognizable. A brand is what a business builds itself around and it’s what they stand for.