The Cornerstone of Marketing

Social Media…We Love to Hate it

I apologize for being on hiatus from my blogs for so long. It wasn’t intentional. After the new year, it has been one thing after another. Working full-time, working on my business, spending time with my daughter and other obligations, the time just flies by. I can’t believe we are already in April.

Life Lesson #2: Every Business is Different, Just Like the Owner

Last month I started my Life Lesson series on how to correlate doing what I have learned in life and where I can see it being applied in my own business as well as in others. So, lesson #1 was Be True to Yourself and to Your Business. In other words, when you created your business you had a plan for it, a look, a feel, etc. Don’t compromise that, unless you want to and for the reasons you want to change.

Is It March Madness or Marketing Madness?

If you are a sports fan, particularly a basketball fan, then you are excited for March and the madness to ensue. It’s an exciting time for the high schools and colleges to whittle down to the best high school/college teams in their respective states and then the best college team in the Nation, which will be held right here in Phoenix Arizona.