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  • I apologize for being on hiatus from my blogs for so long.  It wasn’t intentional.  After the new year, it has been one thing after another.  Working full-time, working on my business, spending time with my daughter and other obligations, the time just flies by.  I can’t believe we are already in April.

    So, I have read a lot of articles about Social Media and their effectiveness on a successful business.  Some articles, obviously, talk about the information they farm from you to anticipate, what your interests are.  Other’s talk about how a business is not successful unless they are on Social Media.  Yet, others talk about all the various platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, Google+, Linkedin, etc. and the demographics of the social platforms.  You could spend your whole day reading about Social Media and by the end of the day, be more confused than you where when you started.  

    There is no doubt that Social Media is here to stay. It is a very effective form of Advertising and/or marketing for your business.  Each has it’s strengths and drawbacks.  One Social Media platform that is good for one business, may not be the right one for another business.  Add to that the generation of young adults who where born between 1998-2005 that are going to be headed off to college and subsequently the workforce.  This is the group that businesses need to start looking to and deciding out how they are going to grab their attention.  

    I don’t know about you, but I get tired of seeing the same advertisement, for a business, pop up on my social feed daily, multiple times a day. It is effective in that you will remember it because you see it so often; however, when do you cross the line from effective to just scroll passed the ads? For me, if there is an ad, for a business, that shows up a couple of times a week, I’m more apt to stop and look at it.  I’m alone with this?  Maybe that old saying: “the squeaky wheel gets the grease"; is effective for some.  Personally, it turns me off.  

    Although Hootsuite, or any auto generated platform that post things automatically, is a very effective tool and saves time. I think tailoring an ad for each platform is more effective.  Again, I get turned off, when I see the same ad on Facebook, Instagram and then on Twitter all posted at the same time. 

    My daughter is in the millennial generation.  She is going to be graduating from high school next year; so, I ask her what kind of things grab her attention and her friends attention.  For one, they virtually are not fans of Facebook.  Oh she does have a Facebook profile, but is rarely on it.  Her and her friends Social Media of choice is Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter.  Snapchat is their go-to Social Media though.  She flies by ads on Facebook and Instagram and is rather annoyed by them as well. Unless it grabs her attention or that is relevant to her, she won’t even look at. 

    I have found her generation to want that personal interaction, even though they have essentially grown up with a cell phone in their hands and the world at their fingertips.  They seem to like to hang out a places.

    A business needs to step back and decide who their audience is.  What Social Media platform will work best for them.  Then decide a platform to attract business, or use it to provide information that will then organically create business down the road.  

    For a few of my clients, Facebook and Instagram are not the right social platform for them.  One provides security for the Aviation industry and the other is a media company that does large corporate events.  Facebook and Instagram are not their targeted audience.  Business owners are their target, therefore LinkedIn and Twitter is a better platform for them.  

    I have another client that does HIPAA compliance.  Again, Facebook and Instagram are not the right platform for the business.  One would think that LinkedIn would be and some traction has been received, but Twitter is more successful.  This platform has resulted meeting many people in the field from around the country, and even world. This platform afforded opportunities the business may not have not have had, had it not been on Twitter.  

    So, which Social Media platform is right for your business?  Throwing them all at the wall to see which will stick may not be the right choice for your business.  If your business is serving the general public then any, and all, Social Media might be the right platform for you.  Yet, again who is your target market?  If it’s the Millennials you may not want to change your strategy and focus on Snapchat and Instagram.

    Do you have someone asking you these questions?  Do you have time to figure out what is best for your business?  This is what a good marketing company can do for you.  Your job is to run your business, it's our job to promote your business so you have a business to run.  What are your thoughts?  Let me know.


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