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  • Fall is Around the Corner

    It is Labor Day weekend and that means the unofficial end to summer; however, we all know summer doesn’t officially end until September 23, when autumn begins.  The approach of autumn inevitably means change is on its way.  The leaves on the trees begin to change, the days and nights get cooler (if you don’t live in the desert) and shorter.  The grass starts to [...]

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    Does Your Business Need Some Spring Cleaning?

    As we are at the height of the spring season and at the beginning the of the downward slide towards summer, I thought spring cleaning would be a good topic to discuss.  Here in the Southwestern United States, we love spring.  It’s why most of us moved here.  We dread the summer because that means we will have at least 4 months of 100+ degree temperatures.  That said other[...]

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    What Really Is The Difference

    As the owner of On The Level Marketing, I don’t necessarily have a difficult time explaining to people what I do, but when you are giving your “elevator” speech or 30-second snippet about what you do, you can’t really get into everything.  So I use the word marketing to keep it short.  However, that word has been used for so many things, any more, people don’t know what [...]

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