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Geoff Cummings

Founder | CEO

I have a degree in Marketing and Communications from Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. With over 35 years in customer service, my experience has afforded me in providing marketing for a Fortune 500 company and a local non-profit company. I have also done marketing for silent auctions, and political debates, managed over 200 employees and started a local fraternal organization. I take great pride in everything I do.

Six years ago, I started On The Level Marketing & Consulting LLC, after a major life event that made me step back and look at my life. That was when I decided to make some life changes. I wanted to finally do what I have dreamed of doing for over 20 years. That was to design logos and websites. It has been a passion of mine and what I have always wanted to do. Sometimes life takes you on a different path, but now I am working towards my dream.

The name of my business has significant meaning for several reasons, but mostly it is how I believe a business should be run. One should always be forthcoming and truthful – in both work and life.

I have a diverse background, so On The Level Marketing & Consulting LLC can assist you with most of your marketing and digital marketing needs. We also have a great support system, and connections to assist with whatever marketing needs arise.

Quite simply, I want to help people.

If you are looking for a straightforward, no-nonsense marketing company, let On The Level Marketing & Consulting LLC take your business to the next level.