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Geoff Cummings

Founder | CEO

Nine years ago, I started On The Level Marketing & Consulting LLC, after a major life event that made me step back and look at my life. That was when I decided to make some life changes. I wanted to finally do what I had dreamed of doing for over 20 years, instead of working the 8-5 job I’ve been doing for the last 20+ years; that dream was to design logos and websites.

Therefore, On The Level Marketing & Consulting LLC was created in 2015.  Marketing has been a passion of mine and what I have always wanted to do; however, sometimes life takes you on a different path.  Now I am working towards my dream. 

We can assist with website development or revamping of your website.  We also do logo designs. The name of my business has significant meaning for several reasons, it is how I believe a business should be done. One should always be forthcoming and truthful – in both work and life.

When you work an 8-5 job, it is very difficult to start a business from scratch.  I’m trying do to this responsibly and not take out any loans to build my business.  It’s been all word of mouth and social media presence. I have, actually, found word of mouth to be the best for my business.  

Fast forward to July 2023, when I purchased Lazer Made from a good friend. He was ready to let the business go and we both felt that the laser engraving business would be a wonderful complement to On The Level Marketing & Consulting LLC.  Pairing these two together could give clients a whole new marketing approach. 

At Lazer Made, we can do promotional material for your business, or we can do customized merchandise for special occasions.  Our motto at Lazer Made is “You say it, we’ll engrave it!“.  We have one price which includes the merchandise, design work, and engraving.

I’m all about giving back.  We give a 15% discount to veterans and first responders.  

Quite simply, I want to help people. I love seeing the look on people’s faces when I’ve captured their vision for their business.  

If you are looking for a straightforward, no-nonsense marketing company, let On The Level Marketing & Consulting LLC and Lazer Made take your business to the next level.