Life Lesson #1 Be True to Yourself and Your Business

I know I have been away for a month, I needed to decide what I wanted to do with my Blog.  I want it to have information that pertains to Marketing, but also I want to share lesson’s I have learned in life and then apply them to a businesses marketing plan.  So…here is my first stab at it.

Be true to yourself.  Sounds simple and logical, right?  We all think we are.  I thought I had always been true to myself.  It wasn’t until recently when I went through a life changing event that I realized I wasn’t being true to myself.  That event has also opened my eyes to things. I see things a lot differently then I used to.  Funny how a major event can change your perspective on things.

I think if one can be really honest with themselves, and really look at their life, they will discover we spend an awful amount of time trying to impress others.  We drive a particular car, because of the particular “status” it implies to others.  Some live in big fancy homes to show a level of status, others word things to make their accomplishments sound better then they may actually be. We dress to impress.  Our public persona is very different from how we are at home.  Why?  Why do we do this?

Is this a bad thing?  For me, yes it was.  For more years than I want to count I “thought” I was happy.  I realized, I was fooling myself into being happy.  I realized everything I did, everything I had, was to please or impress others; yet, I wasn’t happy.  When I started looking inside and truly reflected on myself, I realized I had not been happy for most of my life.  I spent most of my life wanting to please/impress others, forgetting about the most important person to please/impress…ME!  Since I have made myself the priority, I am so much more happy.  Do not miss construe this as being selfish, far from it. I just now know where and when I want to place my energy on things and people.  Not in a rude way, but I don’t worry about if I’m pleasing someone or not.  We are never going to please everyone.  We just need to know how much we are willing to compromise for people.  I know my limit now.

So, you ask…how does this pertain to marketing and your business?  Well, if one is not true to their business then they are not going to be successful.  A business should have a Mission Statement.  It helps to keep focused on the why.  It keeps the business true to itself.

This is not just translated in how the business is run, but the marketing plan that has been put in place.  A logo needs reflects the businesses Mission Statement and the essence of it.

Just as important is a current website.  It is a valuable tool, in 2017, for a business to be successful.  A website needs to be current, mobile friendly and up-to-date.  I see so many websites out there that look like they haven’t been updated in weeks, months, years.

A business owner, being true to their self, need to realize they cannot do it all themselves.  I know, money is always a big factor on whether they hire someone to do their marketing.  It doesn’t have to be. There are many of us out there willing to work with businesses budgets.

So, once you become true to yourself and true to your business things will begin to turn around.  It’s not going to happen overnight, it may not happen next week or next month, but it will happen.  Are you ready to make that very difficult decision to look within yourself and discover what truly makes you happy?  Are you ready to really look at your business and discover what truly is going to make it successful?

Love to hear your comments.

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