Is Your Marketing Garden Blooming?

Last months Blog “April Shower’s to Water Your Marketing Garden” talked about gearing up for the kick off to the summer holiday’s looking at, or creating, a marketing budget for the new fiscal year.  How did you do?  Did you come up with a summer marketing campaign?  Did you create a marketing budget for Fiscal Year 2017-2018?

Did you plant those seeds, in April, to have a blooming marketing garden in May?  If not, you still have time, but not much time.  Memorial Day, the official kick off to summer, is just a few weeks away. It’s now or never.  Come July, businesses need to start thinking about the Fall holiday campaigns.  

What kind of marketing campaigns or promotions will you be doing this summer?  There are many avenues a business can take.  They can focus on the patriotism of our fine country.  Combining Memorial Day, Flag Day and July 4th is an on going campaign for a month and half.  Kick off the summer by celebrating our Veterans on Memorial Day.  That is what the day is supposed to be about, after all.  Offering discounts to veterans, if you don’t already do so, is a great way to show appreciation to our veterans.  

Having a marketing campaign around the celebration of our country would be a unique marketing tactic this year.  After a very tumultuous election year, and a very divided beginning to 2017, having a patriotic marketing theme may be a welcomed change. Businesses could also use the holidays to celebrate the importance of family, picnics, or gatherings with good friends.  

Some Town’s or Cities may have various celebrations, or events, that a business can participate in or sponsor.  That, too, is a form of promotion and showing that a business is an important part of the community.  

What ever campaign you chose, it should complement the business and be in line with the businesses mission.  That will help lend credibility to the business.  

Marketing, advertising, web-design, graphic design, social media or what ever you want to call it these days, is one of the most important, if not the most important, part of a business once that business is created.  The only other avenue that is equally important and a very powerful tool is word of mouth.  All of these together with a product and service is what is needed to make a business successful. 

So, get busy!  Before you know it, it will be Halloween and then the holiday’s to end the year.  There is a marketing budget out there that you can afford!

Geoff Cummings is President | Founder of On the Level Marketing & Consulting, LLC. Successfully helping businesses with all their marketing needs by branding their businesses and keeping marketing simple and straightforward.  

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