April Showers to Water Your Marketing Garden

Remember when you where in school, maybe more so in other parts of the country than in the Desert Southwest, the saying April Shower’s Bring May Flowers?  Well in the Desert Southwest, we don’t have many April Shower’s, but it is still a good modifier for this months Blog.  

You see, April showers waters the vegetation as it is coming back from it’s winter slumber.  Plants start sprouting up through the ground and trees start budding.  Even here in the Desert after a winter with decent rain, the desert comes alive with beautiful wildflowers, scrub brush turns green (yes it can be green int he desert) and the cacti start blooming.  All over Spring brings a fresh new look to the world.  It’s a sign of a new beginning for the new season.  

How does this pertain to marketing you ask?  Well…like the season’s businesses have cycles as well.  No mater what industry your are in, spring is a good time to freshen your look.  In retail you have been on the fast track of one holiday after another.  It starts with Halloween, Black Friday, Christmas, New Years, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter.  Whew!  Those holiday’s help in retail businesses through the winter.  Other industries are winding down from the year and are either in the process of creating their budget for the upcoming fiscal year.  It is simply a time for not much of anything else.

Like nature, a business should take this time to plan out their marketing strategy for the rest of the year.  If your in an industry that can capitalize on the summer holiday’s then now is the time to plan those marketing campaigns.  If you business doesn’t rely so much on the holiday’s of the summer, then perhaps it’s a good time to put to good use your version of “April Showers” into play.  Where are you going to put to use the funds you have allocated marketing?  Have you even allocated funds for marketing?  

It doesn’t have to cost a lot to market a business, unless it’s a big corporation and advertising on the Super Bowl.  Just fit some kind of marketing funds in to your budget will pay off.  These day’s there are so many ways to market from direct mail to social media, to writing blogs or newsletters with topics on the general industry of the business.  There is someone out there that can help you with all of this. 

So, let the April showers water your marketing garden and watch the results grow.  

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