The Gift of Giving

We have just gone through one of the worst Presidential Elections that I can remember in my lifetime.  It does not matter who you voted for, what matters now is moving forward and giving thanks that we live in a country where we can voice our differences freely.

This year I am thankful for many things: friends, family, good health, and the ability to start and run my own business.  Although, business has been steady, I have accomplished many things in my professional life.  Several times, this past year, I was asked to do a project I was unsure how to do.  But with perseverance, I found that I was able to complete the project and mastered the project better than I expected to! What an amazing feeling that is!

What I love about running my own business is constantly being challenged, but also being able to help people and then see the smiles on their face, or their appreciation, for doing something they couldn’t.  That is what the Holiday season is about isn’t it?  Making others happy?

Helping other’s in need, doing something just for the pure pleasure of doing it is the most satisfying feeling.  Especially when you help someone who isn’t expecting it.  

I challenge you this holiday season, or anytime throughout the year, to do something unexpected for someone, with no expectation of getting acknowledgement for it.  Or better yet, do pro bono work for a business, person, or non-profit that is in need.  There are many things you can do, in your business, that can help someone.  It is the little gestures, whether it is to your customers or your employees, that will go a long way. 

I hope you have an enjoyable Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, or whatever holiday your celebrate – make it a joyous one.  

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