Is it a Business Card or a Busy Card?

If you have a business you most likely have a business card. It’s your calling card, so to speak. Something you leave behind for someone to remember you and more importantly your business by. 

We have all seen different styles of business cards. They run the gamut in sizes, thickness, and looks. But what is the real purpose of a business card? 

I have seen some really cool looking cards, but some I have found difficult to either read, or find the name, phone number, email, web address, etc. I have also seen business cards that have way too much information on them resulting in not being able to find the pertinent information. 

A business card is not something you should just throw together or try to cram as much information on as space will allow. It also should not be thick or cumbersome or an unusual size. When creating a business card, yes, you want it to stand out, but you want it to be readable. To convey a meaningful and memorable message. Right? 

The sample of a business card shown here is a good example what I think is an ineffective business card. It has way too much information on it. I think it would have been just as effective with just the phone number and e-mail address on the front, along with the logo and name of the person. Then on the back side I think a better use of the space would have been listing the Facebook profile and the tag line “Branding Your Business!!!” in bigger sized font. 

This business does a multitude of things. To me the tag line “Branding Your Business” encompasses most of the services listed. However, out of all those services, which ones do they do best? Which one sets them apart of the competition? Perhaps focus on service(s) would be a more impactful business card. Listing your web page and Facebook profile on the card will direct customers to those venues where the business can discuss more in-depth of all their services. 

I, personally, think no matter what the business, they do not need to offer a multitude of choices. In so doing, it results in providing mediocre service. What is wrong with providing a few real, good quality products and focusing on those? You do those well and offer the services as an option when needed. 

So, when thinking about a business card, think about what message you want to leave with the person you are giving the card to. Is it a simple, concise message? Or, is it a multitude of messages, resulting confusion for the consumer?

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